Contract Stamping

Our contract metal stamping and press rental services provide manufacturers with versatile solutions to meet their production needs when capacity constraints or other press-related issues become an issue. Digital Tool & Die is equipped with advanced stamping equipment operated by skilled die technicians. This allows companies access to cutting edge tool shop expertise and resources to work through any die issues and get the job done right and on time.

Contract Metal Stamping

Contract metal stamping services are crucial for industries requiring precision metal components without the need for large-scale production facilities in-house. These services offer a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking high-quality stamped metal parts without investing in expensive equipment and infrastructure. When partnering with Digital Tool & Die, companies can benefit from the expertise of a modern turnkey tooling manufacturer with complete in-house capabilities. We are committed to precision, reliability, and timely delivery.

Stamping Capabilities

Within our 55,000 square foot modern facility, we have several automatic press lines ranging from 120 to 1000 Tons. Large bed presses available up to 84” x 240” and shut heights up to 54”.

We handle a wide range of metal stamping projects from single hit blank fed line dies to large complex progressive stamping dies. For a complete list of press capabilities (Click Here)


When you need to develop prototypes of stamped parts, our team works with you throughout the entire process to develop and produce your stamped sheet metal prototype. And when you’re ready to take the stamped metal parts to production, we’re your trusted fabrication partner.

Material Capabilities

We can handle many different material types such as HSLA, Dual phase, Aluminum, and Stainless. Our coil reels can handle large coils up to 40,000 Lbs. and up to 72” inches in diameter. Our straighteners can handle most materials between .020” to .375” in thickness.

Put Our Production Metal Stamping Technology to Work for You

We operate the highest level of stamping equipment.

  • (1) 1000 Ton Blow Press, 240”X 84” X 20” Stroke with a Roll Out Bolster and 54” Shut Height. 65” Window width, CHS Feed Line, 40,000lb Coil Reel. (35 SPM)
  • (1) 1000 Ton Blow Press, 204”X 84”X 20” Stroke with a Roll Out Bolster and 48” Shut Height. 60” Window width, Perfecto Feed Line, 40,000lb Coil Reel. (35 SPM)
  • (1) 800 Ton Version Press, 148”X 54”X 12” Stroke, 37.7” Shut Height, 32” Window Width, 4,500lb Coil Reel Feeder
  • (1) 400 Ton Blow Press, 96”X 54”X10” Stroke, 28”Shut Height, 36”Window Width, Perfecto Feed Line, 20,000lb Coil Reel. (60 SPM)
  • (1) 120 Ton Aida Press, 53”X20”X4.33” Stroke, 13.75” Shut Height, 12” Window Width, 4000lb Coil Reel Feeder. (100 SPM)

The Digital Tool & Die Advantage

When you choose to Work with Digital Tool & Die, our full range of services and expertise is at your disposal. In addition to low-volume stamping, we offer many value-added services that make your life easier and your projects go more smoothly.

  • Engineering and simulation
  • Metrology services
  • Precision machining and metal cutting
  • Press rental
  • Tool repair and maintenance

To learn more about how Digital Tool & Die helps you every step of the way, please contact us.