About Us

     Established in 1989, Digital Tool & Die Inc. is privately owned and located in Grandville Michigan.  The facility started with only 10,000 square feet and has had consistent growth for almost 30 years. After completing three building expansions, Digital Tool & Die is now a 50,000 square foot facility.

     Our highly trained teams specialize in designing and fabricating world class sheet metal stamping dies, roll forming, fixtures, fabrication and special applications to meet the industrial needs for automotive, furniture, prototyping, appliance and U.S. Military. In addition to tool and die, Digital's employees are experienced and can provide products for any industry.

      Our staff is experienced in Sales/Estimating, CAD, Simulation, CNC, Metrology, Die build and repair. These teams strive to provide our customers with efficient well thought out solutions, coupled with unmatched craftsmanship and quality, that can solve any problem.

     We utilize our team’s experiences and knowledge to solve all trimming and forming issues associated with DP steel and other ferrous and non-ferrous materials requiring tight tolerances. Our CAD and Simulation team use our knowledge and technology to assist our customers in creating a 3D solid model that can be produced daily in production without fail.  CAD/CAM is used to make 100% of our tooling components to ensure all designs match the finished product when completed. This ensures that customers can easily make replacement details using the CAD design and bill of materials provided at project's end.


"Digital Tool continues to meet or exceed our requirements for metal stamping tooling at Adient. Digital  has outperformed its competition in regards to exceeding our run rates, and delivering tools with zero warranty issues for the past 10 years. Digital is truly "world class"!"

-Andy Erard, Adient, Director Advanced MFG Engineering, Product Business Unit Metals

"Digital exceeded our expectations. An on-time die and a flawless runoff doesn't happen all the time, especially together."

- CB

"The attention to detail was phenomenal and I was impressed that we were able to obtain and run four quality parts out of two dies in less than one day, nice work."

- JS 

"I was very confident that the team here at Digital would build the die and produce the parts as needed."

- TH

Whats new

Blow-Press_Installed_20131014_IMG_8310 (

We just installed a second 1,000 ton press with a new feeder, allowing us to work on larger and more dies at a time. 

5S Lean organization


Digital Tool adheres to a 5S Lean workplace organization process for maximum efficiency and optimal productivity. 



Digital Tool and Die has build a wide variety of tooling for many different industries.