Digital Tool & Die combines experience and technology to create innovative solutions for a wide range of progressive dies, transfer dies and other specialty tooling. Our highly skilled designers and die makers produce tooling solutions that have been proven to reduce unnecessary down time, giving our customers an increased return on investment.  We have extensive knowledge designing and building very complex dies which may include features like auto fed nut/stud insertions, draws, extrusions, coining, trimming, and flanging, etc.


Progressive Dies

This is the fastest method used to produced medium to high volume part quantities.

Specialty Tooling

Digital also produces standalone pierce & form cells, line dies, custom fabricated weldments, and assembly tooling. 


Transfer Dies

Transfer tools are used to meet any required part quantity, as well as produce parts that cannot be developed using progressive die techniques.


Additional Services

Contract machining, spare tooling and finished die components, 3D scanning, laser and waterjet cutting, fabrication, and tool maker support.