Digital Tool & Die’s engineering team leads the tooling industry with experience of progressive dies, transfer dies, line dies, draw dies, specialty machinery, weld fixtures and more. Digital combines design software, “VISI”,  and simulation software,“AutoForm”, to validate the forming processes prior to construction. By integrating advanced technology throughout the design process we can achieve cost effective and reliable tooling for even the most difficult tools and parts. Our high standards require designs to have extensive internal reviews, ensuring we are compliant with Digital’s standards as well as our customer supplied build standards. .

Design Example


Digital works closely with the customer through the simulation process, utilizing the surrounding environment to perfect CAD models and eliminate failure. Simulation identifies complex forming problems during the early phase of tooling development, thus reducing the number of press tryouts and total lead-time in the tooling build. The recent introduction of new stamping technologies and new materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum, provide new challenges to the design process.

Some of the benefits and innovative features that a simulation performed by Digital Tool & Die provides:

  • Evaluation of material thinning and compression

  • Splitting and compression cracking prediction

  • Accurate spring back simulation and surface compensation


Example parts from our progressive die and transfer die tooling.


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